Keep Dreaming

Art, Drawings, Pens, yummy things and stuff

My friend and I usually drink coffee and talk about life every week. It’s nice to talk with someone about your dreams, passions, and goals with someone. This time we brought our sketch books and my friend noticed how we have very different styles of drawings. Although our styles of drawing are very different, I always embrace different kinds of ideas and different styles of art. Although I’ve noticed that some people find my drawings quite different or interesting. I know and believe that my drawings and using them to put on stickers, tee shirts, and hats is my passion and my dream which is to run my own business. Eventually, I would also love to inspire others to do the same.


This got me thinking when people say “Keep dreaming” it always comes off as a negative saying. Like when people say something that is so far-fetched and there response to that would be “keep dreaming” as if there is no chance of that thing actually happening. Maybe we could change that for people to actually KEEP DREAMING, there is nothing wrong with dreaming, as long as there is actions towards that dream.


Keep creating everyone.