Who Am I?

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Hello! I’m Obina

Have you ever been passionate about anything, then that passion turns into a dream?

My passion is drawing and it turned into me wanting to start my own business. I wanted to share my art with people and what better way than through design and fashion. This is my passion, this is my dream. I’m a girl from Hawaii who keeps dreaming, keeps creating, and always has my head in the clouds. I am passionate about drawing and creating art, whether it’s doodling, drawing on hats, silkscreening, designing stickers, or even sewing.


I personally would say my style is inspired by graffiti, cartoons, and lettering. People have said my drawing style is “different”, which I don’t mind because I think it’s good to be different and it’s nice not being ordinary. I don’t draw the typical things, I’m not good at drawing realistic things and I understand that’s ok because that is for someone else not me. I’m more about weird and cute designs, ones that will make you look again and feel something. Although, what I draw are not to the standard, each drawing, print, or design requires lots of thought and love for all of them.

As a kid, I always enjoyed looking up at the clouds and almost always could find something you recognize. Then you would point out into the sky and ask the person next to you whether they see what you see and eighty percent of the time they’ll agree. Admiring the clouds, a gust of wind would transform them into something else. I always found that interesting and I have come to love the saying “head in the clouds” because I always find myself always dreaming. I remember one day I decided to go out and draw then looked up into the clouds and I remembered from that point on I knew I wanted to make things and have found myself learning new skills along the way. The products that I make are all designed by me and use other resources if I can’t do them myself. This is why I started learning how to silkscreen on shirts, draw on hats, and is always thinking of new designs all the time.

I believe this is what I want to do which is share my art, make things for people, and inspire others to do the same. This is why I created Yummy Things and Stuff where my head thinks of ideas, then I use my hands to create something, and then it will find it’s way to you. I want people to take away from Yummy Things and Stuff is to be a little silly sometimes, be bold, to not give a fudge what people think, inspire others to create, and to keep following their dreams and passions. I have many ideas that I would like to share with you and I would like for you to join me in my adventure.

Let’s get to know each other, here are 10 things about me:

  1. I enjoy the sound of paper being crumpled
  2. There are so many genres of music I love listening to
  3. I don’t have dogs, but I’m a crazy dog lady
  4. Unicorns and Slurpees are awesome
  5. Netflix is something I use almost everyday, I have probably clocked in hundreds and hundreds of hours of movies and shows
  6. I still listen to CDs and sing them in my car (I know I’m such a weirdo)
  7. I am a notebook and sketchbook collector, many I buy because they have cute covers
  8. Most people don’t like it, but I love watching movies in the theaters
  9. The beach is somewhere I enjoy going and will never get tired of
  10. I could eat pasta everyday

I would love to hear what your dreams and passions are! Or 1 or a few fun things about you would be cool too!

Keep creating and keep dreaming!




Coffee and Cute Clothes

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Had fun today with my friend Adonna getting lost and drinking coffee. We wanted to check out Akamai Coffee Company’s new location because everyone has been posting pictures of the hanging chairs. Unfortunately, we did not get any pictures of that.

Anyways, here is us drinking coffee, posing for pictures, and me being awkward.












Photos taken at Akamai Coffee Company. The drinks were lovely.

PC: Adonna and I